What we can offer you

We do digital marketing by using Digital Analytics – advanced website data analysis. Analyzing your online data means you can know what your visitors want to do, and increase your business results. We can find missed opportunities, and reduce them, thus again increasing your business results.

We can also implement and configure your web analytics platform if you so require.

Our goal is to return the best possible information about what visitors want to do on your website. Beyond this, we can use your data to build advanced segmentation, which considerably increase insights on which you can make the best decisions.


What we value

Effective data collection has two goals:

  • Making sure data are captured with no error (reliability); and
  • Making sure captured data reflect and speak to your actual business goals (validity).


Compelling Data Analysis has five goals.

The Analysis:

  • Is to be strictly relevant to your site´s performance and your business goals;
  • Simplifies vast amounts of data without losing important aspects. We simplify into a coherent story;
  • Is to identify patterns and trends in your traffic;
  • Is to identify exceptions that may represent meaningful events;
  • Is presented in ways that clearly narrate the story that your data has to tell.


KWANTYX, with its experience and approach, works to these collection and analysis goals with high levels of assurance.


Services we offer

Level I: Implementation and Configuration of your Analytics Setup. Ensures that your Analytics setup returns the right foundational data to support your business decisions (such as fine-tuning/optimizing your website or future digital marketing strategies).


Level II: Digital Analytics. Analysis of what visitors do on your web properties. Identifies possible barriers to goals or conversion. Provides core segmentation information. Delivers data to assess campaign effectiveness.


Level III: CX Analytics. In addition to Web Analytics, CX – for customer experience – tells you what happens between clicks. Includes performance analysis your website forms. Can include event-triggered questions to tap into the voice of your customer. Replays of visitor sessions bring what visitors experience on your website directly to you. Provides a torrent of rich information – we manage that for you.


Level IV: Advanced Segmentation. Includes both Analytics offerings (and Level I if you so wish). We perform advanced segmentation analyses of your data so you will receive a clearer picture of what happens on your site + who your visitors are + what they intend to do on your site + whether they completed their tasks. Very deep marketing information indeed because it helps identify who your most valuable prospects are.


How we do the work

  • We begin by learning your business and its goals. We then learn how you connect your online goals with your business goals. After a site walk-through, we start building use-cases, and we then present you with a measurement strategy;
  • We roadmap the steps through the project for you;
  • We then come back to you with a statement of work for your sign-off. It specifies what we shall accomplish in this project;
  • We get down to work:

> For implementation & configuration, we do just that, and validate the setup to ensure the trustworthiness of the returning data. We make sure the configuration returns information that speaks to your business objective. We can build dashboards to facilitate reporting as well;

> For the analytics and segmentation projects, we get your operational definitions (based on the specifics of your website) right before collecting data. Data analysis is guided by the principle of having data speak to your business objectives. For retainer accounts, we serve as your long-term digital analytics partner;

  • Closing presentation: we make recommendations and present you with a report that supports those recommendations.


Who we are

First and foremost, we are digital marketers who happen to use Digital Analytics to help online businesses meet their goals. We have completed over 300 Digital Analytics projects so far, ranging from tool implementation to website data analyses for marketing strategy, while making recommendations on conversion rate optimization, campaign allocation maximization, advanced segmentation, and even UI design. We have served clients across North America and in Western Europe.