Value in Chains: Analytics without Tears or Fears

In the previous issue, I discussed some different optimization planes in Digital Analytics which can certainly be applied, at least in part, to Marketing Analytics in general. My point was to bring to the reader’s attention that there are more than one way, more than one dimension to squeeze a maximum of insight juice from, … Continued

Beyond The Optimization Loop

Quite a lot of Digital Analytics, and plain Analytics for that matter, is about optimization. I mean by optimization the whole set of activities, with analytics and testing at their foundation, done in order to improve the ratio of X doing Y. The most typical manifestation of optimization in Digital Analytics is increasing conversion rates. … Continued

Of Governance – VI

Decision Making – Finally, I am now discussing the last part of my Analytics Governance model I started presenting in February. This is also the most complex, because it has been the object of very few articles, blog posts, book chapters, etc. Mainly, it deals with making sure people will actually use analytics results. Don’t … Continued

Of Governance – V

Results Sharing Governance – I will not surprise you if I say that without efficient result sharing strategies and processes, all your efforts in analytics will be for naught. Strangely, this is one area of Analytics Governance where I see many, many organizations doing a lousy job. It is actually no wonder that the number … Continued

Of Governance – IV

Analysis Governance – By Analysis Governance I basically mean the framework within which analyses will be performed. In other words, of all the possible metrics we can collect data about, which ones should we focus on so that we know we are executing the digital strategy flawlessly? That’s right, KPIs, among other things. You just … Continued

Of Governance – III

Application Governance – This is quite certainly where most companies spend most their mental efforts, and, well, most their money! My personal theory is that it is so much easier to buy a piece of software than a strategy, buttons on which to click more than concepts, while thinking the software will magically take care … Continued

Of Governance – II

Data Governance – Everything starts here. Well, not exactly; everything starts at determining first what needs to be measured. However, we can all agree that, as the saying goes, if we let garbage get in we’ll only churn out garbage. This why how we collect and manipulate data will have such a fundamental impact on … Continued

Of Governance – I

Governance must be one of the least celebrated aspects of business. Talking about it makes people roll their eyes, and rarely anyone likes to be involved in governance projects. Why should they? Isn’t it governance talking about how business is conducted, and not just actually doing it? Why discuss about all that when there are … Continued

If You Don’t Want to Walk, I Can’t Make You Run

For the first time ever, I got fired by a client last year. Well, I am not naïve enough to think they were the first ones to be dissatisfied with my service, that other “former” clients were not happy with me either, but never before a client had told me to piss off. The thing … Continued

Welcome to Our 14th Issue

With the second year of this newsletter beginning, I am reflecting on the past one, and must admit that I am quite pleased by the collection of topics, and contributors we had. I am planning to keep going in the same direction, already aligning great guest writers for 2013. The reader will notice that the … Continued