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Recently, I decided to make available some of my presentations about various Digital Analytics questions. I spend a LOT of time thinking and writing about analytics in order to improve myself as a consultant, and making you profit from those efforts along the way! My pleasure.

You should download the presentation(s) you are interested in, because I often add “speaker notes”, and some more thoughts, since I tend to put as few words as possible on my slides (influenced by people like Garr Reynolds, Nancy Duarte, and Cliff Atkinson).

Sure, I am not always as brilliant as your beloved superstars, but I do believe I get to conceive a good idea here and there from which I think you could benefit. I am actually appalled by how little “young” Digital Analysts (say, 3 years of experience and less) read. I constantly see stuff on Twitter they “discover” which we discussed years ago. There is a large production out there, and it is very important for a professional analyst to educate herself/himself as much as she/he can. Or maybe it is just me and my being 50; I still believe that complex and powerful ideas need pages to be fully expressed…

Anyway, here are the presentation:

From Reporting To Profitability

I presented this one only once (like 90% of my presentations: I rarely give the same one twice. Call me crazy…) in Madrid in 2010. I wanted to make the audience aware that at the end of the day, if analysts don’t contribute directly to value (sales, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction), they are not very useful…

The Painter and The Surveyor

This one was also given at the same conference in Madrid. I was asked to open the day with a keynote on the “entertaining” side. I wanted to discuss the relationships between analytics and creativity, and whether or not the former hindered the latter. In a business context, I strongly believe creativity needs pressure to be at its best, which is what Analytics can provide.

From Misunderstood To Celebrated

For years I have heard digital analysts (and “regular” analysts for that matter) complain that nobody seemed to care about their reports. Well, guess what: it is entirely their fault!

Data Visualization And Dashboard Design
This is my most popular presentation on SlideShare. People DO love “tips’n tricks” content. This presentation is full of them, and was first a webinar with AT Internet that had many people attending. WARNING: I am very opinionated when it comes to data visualization and the design of dashboards. Most people don’t apply, and actually don’t care about some of the rules I present. Well, too bad for them!

Proven Methodology for Digital Marketing KPIs
I have worked a lot on Digital Marketing KPIs, and done several projects with various types of organizations in the last 10 years. Since most of them didn’t have the time nor the budget to do the kind of projects one finds in the traditional KPI literature, I had to develop a trimmed down methodology (gee, I should call it “lean”), so that Web team could at least engage in serious KPI definition processes.

Knowledge, Uncertainty, and Ideology in Digital Analytics
I gave this one at the eMetrics Toronto 2013. I wanted to share some ideas with my analyst colleagues around how we know what we know, what is never certain, and when we are susceptible to ideology. Young analysts did not like it (the summary did say it was an advanced session, though), and the few more seasoned colleagues who bothered to attend seemed to like it.

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