Am I Already That Old Or What?

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OK, I am 44. Lately, I have noticed that I have started getting signs of getting older, subtle things that make you realize you’re not the young, alert man you used to be.

One big sign of this is the omission of one very important name: Bryan Eisenberg, who works with his brother Jeffrey, and the team of clever people at Future Now. I have the upmost respect for what the Eisenberg brothers do and publish; they are patented thinkers of marketing and selling, and of course I recommend their books and regular articles in ClickZ and Grotdotcom.


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2 responses to “Am I Already That Old Or What?

  1. Jacques,

    Thank you for the kind words. I have heard a little wine everyday is good for the memory…I think that is what they I remember. 🙂


  2. As my 7 year old recently told me: “Don’t worry Daddy: You’re not old – you’re just getting dumber…”

    Looking forward to following your blog…

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