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On from Web Analytics

Let me cannibalize this blog in order to introduce a new series of interviews I am conducting on another blog of mine, The Big Integration. I would like the opportunity to promote it again with the first of a series of interviews I am conducting with people with experience in integrating web data with back end customer data.

I am thrilled to have our esteemed colleague, June Dershewitz, itnitiate this series with great answers to my humble questions.

As a teaser, here’s a little excerpt:

What were the biggest challenges?


Our biggest challenges had to do with 1) people and 2) tools.  I’ll say a bit about each.


1) Whenever you’re passing data between groups, it’s important to have a clear dividing line regarding responsibilities.  It seems the closer you get to that dividing line(…).


Go to the blog to get the whole interesting stuff!!



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