Data Visualization and Dashboard Design : Make Your Analytics Really Impactful

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Just a quick word to let you know that I will be presenting  a second webinar with AT Internet, one of the leading Digital Analytics solutions in the world (disclaimer: they used to be clients of mine), on April 4th (4 PM France, 5 PM CET, 10 AM EDT (Canada/USA)). This time, the session will be about Data Visualization and Dashboard Design.

Boy! are these topics white hot! I will show you what bad visualization is, and what good one looks like. I will most probably shatter several ideas you currently have about what dashboards are, and show you what they ought to be. This webinar is a natural extension of the last one on KPI; I will explain why. Each time a company calls me to help them with their dashboard project, they have a different answer to what it is, and it is almost never mine!

So, make sure you clear your schedule, close your email application, and switch your smartphone to flight mode for an example-packed presentation on Data-Viz, and dashboarding best practices, sure to bring tears of joys to your eyes.

Register here, and tell your colleagues to be there as well. I can guarantee you that will spare you from endless, fruitless debates next time you create a report, or embark in a dashboard project.


Here is the webinar recording.


For some more, and great related content about visualization, see Stephen Few’s article in the WAO/FACTOR newsletter.

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  1. I only had 2 minutes to take a quick peak a it – ended up watching the whole hour with sustained attention. Starting from visual basics and travelling up to high performance dashboarding has been a great trip !

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