Feeling Lonely

On from Regular

How do you know you’re alone in your home office, not enjoying the party in Washington?

When you are the only Web Analytics blogger not blogging about the release of Google Analytics v3 (somehow, I just managed).

7 responses to “Feeling Lonely

  1. Welcome to the club Jacques,
    I was thinking about blogging, like all the others, about GA v3 and I remembered the post of E. Peterson about Y! Analytics when he answered to your comment he was late to post about this topic but tried to not just “regurgitate” the press releases…
    I finally decided to follow this advice and not just regurgitate.
    You’re not alone, Keep the good job 😉

  2. Funny Jacques I was just looking into the new Google Analytics release myself while feeling the blues about not being at eMetrics.

  3. I would have picked alone in home office or regurgitating press release over technical difficuties with webinars any day =)

  4. Ha! Funny! both the original post and the comments, especially “regurgitating press release.”

    Jacques, I *KNOW* we will eventually get something from you on this topic that rises above the rest — because you will have taken the time to learn about it, use it, and put it into perspective.

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