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As a consultant, I should probably not say this, in fear of lacking work. But I can’t hold it, and you know what? I am not about to line up at the unemployment office as it is; I have been working double-shifts since the beginning of the month.

So, what is it that you have to get right away?

A Web analyst. Hire one, or train one, now. Chances are, training one of your staff is going to be the only viable option on the short term. But it doesn’t matter whether you hire a professional Web analyst (seen one lately?), or groom someone already in your company. Begin now to be obsessed with fully incorporating Web analytics, heck! analytics, as a strategic lever of your online marketing (for how long are we going to make the distinction?). Once past the first rough months, that person will be very well positioned to be an agent of change. And change is coming.

Haven’t you seen the signs?

First, we got Web analytics pioneer Eric T. Peterson shifting all his attention to Web analytics processes. You read well: Eric is not so much concerned with applications, or what to measure, etc. He’s taking care of how you organize Web analytics. There’s also Avinash Kaushik who just announced that he was forming a new venture with no other than John Marshall, former CEO of ClickTracks. And it’s not a even Web Analytics consultancy, mind you. Those guys are going to give training about better and more effective marketing. Finally, there is Jim Sterne who re-christened his Emetrics Summit… Marketing Optimization Summit! I bet he’ll drop the Emetrics within two years.

I don’t seem to follow a straight line with this post. This is because I am talking about things I have tried to figure out for a long time, thinking, and seeing little signs here and there. Online marketing is changing, thanks to analytics getting the top spot now.

So that’s why you need to care now, and make finding someone one of your priorities before Christmas.

If you wonder what such an animal eats in winter, read June Li’s post today. She’s giving a good description of that rare species. But do not despair: anyone who is highly motivated will be able to start making a difference within six months. Providing she/he’s not the only highly motivated one though.

OK, it’s Saturday night 8 o’clock, and I need to get back to work.


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2 responses to “Go Get One Right Now!

  1. Hey Jacques,
    YOU are one of those rare species 🙂

    The rare species can also be two people joined at the hip. But in a company’s early WA days, that’s unlikely because there isn’t even ONE full time person dedicated to WA.

    I agree with you about training from within. Because someone within is already immersed in the culture (read, the politics) and has business knowledge, they can indeed be effective within 6 months once they have the technical side and begin wielding the suite of skills and knowledge.
    One mroe benefit if building from within…they won’t be demanding the annual pay of fully qualified we analysts (yet!).

    Great post! Glad to hear things are going well.


  2. Hi June,

    Thank you very much for your comment; it’s a very good addition. What I tried to convey was the urgency of doing something about analytics within the interactive marketing group. Companies who haven’t addressed that question, even minimally, should put it to the agenda this fall. I think 2008 will be a busy year in terms of where Internet marketing will go, and web intelligence/analytics will be an essential set of tools in the box.

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