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On from Web Analytics

This year again I look forward to attending X Change, which is now at its second edition. I should say I am darn excited to go!! Last year, I had the pleasure to lead two huddles (sessions, in X Change parlance) that were attended by people far more interesting than me. The beauty was that I didn’t even have to present; just make sure the conversation flow was dynamic, and everybody felt involved. Many of my dear colleagues in the Web Analytics consulting sphere led their own sessions, and I had the chance to attend several of them. Boy! The conversations!

This year it’s even better: only people on the “client” side will lead the huddles. What? Why are you going, then? you’re asking. Exactly, I am going there as a regular participant, no exposure, no being in front of people and give my show, on my own dime to boot (remember I am an independent consultant, and going to those events in the US is very expensive for me), with no real hope of getting a gig. Yeah, plain consulting suicide! And you should see the smile on my face!

This is how good I believe X Change is. This year’s topics are so interesting, I just cried when I filled out my choice form: I wanted to attend them all!

I could give you many reasons for attending, but trust this free advice: just go.

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