“Hello, I’m Jacques Warren, and I Am One of Your Customers”

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Phil Hartling

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Rogers Wireless

Dear Sir,

I received your letter today telling me that I had been selected for an exclusive offer of $50 off if I joined Rogers Wireless for a 3–year contract. Thank you, I really appreciate the attention.

The thing is: I have been one of your customers for three years now.

In fact, I even dare calling myself a very good one; as an independent consultant, I use my phone and data transfer services (I own an iPhone I got with my plan) a lot. Actually, I spend over $5,000 a year in service charges with your company. I am sure you have clients who spend way more than this, but I believe what I bring you is above your median wireless customer. Heck! It is after all an LTV of over $15,000 on a 3–year contract!

Anyway, how much I spend is not that important after all. What appalls me is the fact that you didn’t know. It really amazes me that your databases do not communicate yet, like, “I want to mail this guy; anyone knows him?” kind of DB request. Well, should I be that surprised?… However, as a marketer, I am expecting much more sophistication from a telecom company, considering the wild competitive environment you live in. Oh! but yes! I forgot; it’s all about customer acquisition in your market, isn’t it? But isn’t keeping a customer cheaper, and everything, etc, blah blah blah?

You see, I recently got a big problem solved by your customer retention people. After 4 very unsuccessful calls to your call center, I was starting to consider $300 very little money to switch providers. And in this now all social Web world, I had to tweet about it to get it done. Kudos to your retention people who caught it and helped me very rapidly. I am now fully trained to make all my demands to Rogers public (such as this blog post incidently).

Now, how about you offer me $50 off my next bill? That would make me feel loved!

Because, you see, that little unimportant letter actually hurt my poor customer feelings.

Yours truly… for another 3 years.


3 responses to ““Hello, I’m Jacques Warren, and I Am One of Your Customers”

  1. Jacques comment to Rogers was truly precious. I too am an experienced marketer
    and am constantly amazed at the lack of customer understanding in Canada.
    Well done! Now…off to Fido…

  2. Jacques Warren, I think you are full of yourself. Change your goggles and be humble. Your site is a piece of work, with many blabbers about yourself.

    Change your attitude Canadian.

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