How To Conduct a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Project

On from Analytics Culture

Just a quick word to let you know that February 28th (4 PM, France time, 10 AM EST), I will be conducting a webinar on how to define Key Performance Indicators for Online Marketing activities. This will be done in collaboration with AT Internet, one of the leading Web Analytics solutions in the world (disclaimer: they used to be clients of mine) .

Although I will discuss certain metrics, the main purpose of this webinar is to teach you a proven methodology on how to conduct KPI projects. Why? Well, first, because having meaningful, agreed upon performance indicators is one great sign that a business is evolving in the right direction of analytics maturity. In 11 years of digital analytics consulting, I have NEVER seen an organization that was awesome with measurement that had not done very serious work on the KPI question. I believe it is the cornerstone of Analytics Governance.

So, if you want to learn more, and I think you should, register here, make sure you clear your schedule in your time zone, and get prepared to join over 150 people (so far!) across the world.


You can now watch the webinar on YouTube