I Rest My Case

On from Regular

Did we, the people who left comments on my post about Feedburner and I, have anything to do with this? Was someone at Feedburner listening? Google? Maybe even…? The thing is, it’s back!

As June Dershewitz said: “As bloggers I think we all ought to track new subscribers and unsubscribers as success measures, but we can’t because the numbers are so sketchy.” (my emphasis). Well, in the absence of a better solution, I guess we’ll have to live with suspicious numbers. I certainly look forward to seeing the Google ownership effect in Feedburner.

An integration in Google Analytics v3?

One response to “I Rest My Case

  1. That would be really great …. a dream come true. But I don’t think even Google Analytics reports correctly.

    I have been using GA and Google Adsense both, and the number of page impressions in these two differ a lot. May be someone from Google can answer, why?

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