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On from Analytics Culture, Events

I don’t know everything I’ll be doing in 2010 yet, but my participation to two events is already confirmed.

First, I’ll be on a panel with Gary Angel, Jim Novo, and Kevin Hillstrom, big guns of Digital Marketing Analytics, at WebTrends Engage10 in New Orleans, February 1 – 4. Judging from the speaker line up, and the opportunities to mingle between sessions (which should not be neglected!), you should definitely register!

Second, I’ll be on another panel with again Jim Novo (yeah, I know, there’s been a pattern here for some time), John Lovett (who now wears a new skin as senior partner at Web Analytics Demystified), Christopher Berry (who breathes analytics), and Dennis Mortensen (yes, the Yahoo! Web Analytics Father) at the Emetrics – Marketing Optimization Summit in Toronto, April 6 – 9, to which you must register, no choice!

I hope to see you there.


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