Oh! You Old Fart!

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I’m turning 47 next week. I used to laugh (in my head of course) at my parents and grand-parents when they told me they felt so much younger than their age. Yeah right! Well they were… right I mean. I’m still 16 between the ears.

You start noticing you’re getting old through little details: your hands change, your bones hurt a little, your digestion is not so good when you eat fatty food, nobody thinks you’re 40 anymore, and you have difficulty accepting change. The last one is the worst I think.

Well, I just took my beloved Web Analytics Association survey (if you’re not a member already, become one goddamnit!), and it seems we (!) want to change its name. Don’t want to be “Web Analytics” anymore (you guessed it, the problem is not with “association”). This means that if the association changes its name, I’m not in Web Analytics anymore, not a consultant in Web Analytics, not a Web Analytics expert, no more no more. Darn it! My recently published book title is “Web Analytics”! Thanks for making it irrelevant already!

I guess the Buddhist in me should know better. It’s just a name after all.

I just hope I’ll be any good at what they’ll call it.

2 responses to “Oh! You Old Fart!

  1. Saw your tweet on the name change and I wondered where did you hear that the WAA was thinking change name. Then I took the WAA survey 🙂

    Well, first it is only the association that will change its name, not the industry nor the discipline. So your book is still relevant – don’t worry.

    From a communication point of view, I think it may be a good thing actually for the WAA in order to get more visibility, to get a broader audience. “Web Analytics” is the discipline (techniques, technology…) but it does not reflect the main purpose: (online) business optimization (the thing that matters for management). Having this aspect reflected in the name of the association, it may help to sounds less like a geeky-expert club 😉

    And glad to hear you are still 16 between the ears 🙂



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