Of Analytics Governance – III

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(First published in the WAO/FACTOR newlsetter in April 2013) Application Governance – This is quite certainly where most companies spend most their mental efforts, and, well, most their money! My personal theory is that it is so much easier to buy a piece of software than a strategy, buttons on which to click more than concepts, … Continued

Of Analytics Governance – I

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(Originally published in the WAO/FACTOR newsletter in February 2013)   Governance must be one of the least celebrated aspects of business. Talking about it makes people roll their eyes, and rarely anyone likes to be involved in governance projects. Why should they? Isn’t it governance talking about how business is conducted, and not just actually … Continued

How To Conduct a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Project

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Just a quick word to let you know that February 28th (4 PM, France time, 10 AM EST), I will be conducting a webinar on how to define Key Performance Indicators for Online Marketing activities. This will be done in collaboration with AT Internet, one of the leading Web Analytics solutions in the world (disclaimer: … Continued

Deeds Not Words

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(First published in the WAO/FACTOR Newsletter in August 2012) It is now a truism that action constitutes the ultimate justification of measurement. Well, is it really? It seems to me that people doing marketing measurement often lose sight of that fact. First, the vast majority of discussions deal in technology. Yes, tools are important, even … Continued

Can You Really Get More Klout?

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(First published in the WAO/FACTOR Newsletter in May 2012) I just recently read an article in WIRED about Klout that made me want to write more than a tweet about the index so many love, and so many despise. With social media being all the rage, one is not surprised that several companies would want to become … Continued

Archeology of the Digital Customer

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(First published in The WAO/FACTOR newsletter in January 2012) It seems that we are entering the Age of Big Data. Just look at IBM, whose advertising keeps hammering the now huge importance of data in business, in fact, in all aspects of Life. Big Data, abundance of data, data overflow, tsunami, clutter; every other marketer … Continued

The Fair Share of Ratios

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(First published in The WAO/FACTOR Newsletter, July 2012) As Gary Angel so rightly pointed out in his very popular piece here on the WAO/FACTOR, analysis context is a crucial part of communications. You see, numbers can be very, very tricky. First, because they are exactly that, numbers, and we tend to give a lot of credibility to … Continued