Out the WAA, In the DAA

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It’s done now. What has been a topic of heated (or bored) discussions for a couple of years has now come to reality: the Web Analytics Association (WAA) is now the Digital Analytics Association (DAA). Here’s the announcement (or here). Personally, I welcome the change, since it does reflect what we do in many people’s … Continued

The WAO/FACTOR – A Newsletter

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This coming September, I will launch a newsletter called The WAO/FACTOR [It’s now out, here]. Since the inception of my company, WAO has stood for Web Analytics & Optimization, and the three letters were supposed to be pronounced wow! I say “were” because most people don’t get it. Ah! Branding! Branding! Next time I’ll conduct … Continued

Segmentation in Web Analytics

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Just a few words to let you know that AT Internet just released the second installment of the white paper series I am writing for them. I talk about segmentation, and its fundamental role in the Web analyst’s work. In fact, I believe I succeed in demonstrating that without segmentation, there can’t really be analysis … Continued

eMetrics Toronto

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I know. I mostly use this blog to advertise events where I’ll be presenting. Don’t worry, with the new version of my site coming in May, I have new plans to contribute more. But for now, I would like to remind you that the eMetrics Toronto is coming soon. You will have the opportunity to … Continued