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I was supposed to write this post loooong ago about PWA 2010 that was held in Madrid last May, and I must here apologize to my friends Jaume Clotet, Andrés Flores, and Luz Valdés. However, I think this is still a good time, because it means we are getting closer to the next edition and I definitely would like you to consider attending. I don’t have the exact date yet, but it should be in May again, in Barcelona this time.

I think the people at Watt and Alt64 organized a pretty darn good event. We were all treated very well, but beyond the food, cocktails, etc., the quality of the presentations and discussions was outstanding. It also strongly demonstrated that an event can be a little low key on the bells and whistles, while focusing on content that is worth going for. And isn’t it what we really expect from a conference?

I was quite impressed by the speaker lign up, and most particularly by our Spanish friends’ presentations. OK, I don’t speak Spanish, but being a native French speaker, I could get a good part of what was written on the slides (and if I get another invitation, I promise to learn some Spanish!). I really liked the fact that we were all together for all the presentations, so we could all referred to the same ones when we discussed between sessions and at meal time. Sure, at one point, it will not be possible to do it, and I guess they will have to create tracks. And of course, there’s always the depth we can reach when sharing ideas in smaller groups that is hard to achieve in large groups.

Spain has been a lot in the news lately because of its economy, but I can tell you that many online marketers over there are being very creative in extracting as much value as possible while delivering as much to their customers. And this is all thanks to Web Analytics. Hard times should be when Marketing excellence thrives. And that kind of pressure, brought by the hard facts Web Analytics helps identifying and understanding, creates a great environment in which creativity flourish. That was the theme of my first presentation.

So, yes, May 2011 is still far ahead, but why not freeze that week in your calendar now.

I’m telling you, Web Analytics and Jamon Iberico are an amazing combination.

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