The Second Coming – Come Again?

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I am very bad with web sites and processes. They have to be clear and easily understood. In French, bêta means idiot, so I was the official bêta tester when I worked at web development agencies. Now, this being said, is it me, or something is not running smoothly with the registration and first utilization of Microsoft Gatineau? I have been able to get an AdCenter account, be I haven’t been able to get anywhere near the Gatineau UI and setup page. I hope it’s just me, the Bêta, because this is not going to be easy to fetch back millions of users from Google Analytics, which registration and setup process, let us say, is very Bêta proof.

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  1. Jacques, I’m not sure what the issue is with your activation. Mine went without a hitch. I had previously created an adCenter account (I’m not running PPC campaigns on adCenter), then followed the installation link when I received in the mail. When I logged into adCenter there was an analytics tab available and I went through the process of creating several profiles for different sites (blog, web site).

    I’d recommend you contact Gatineau support at

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