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This coming September, I will launch a newsletter called The WAO/FACTOR [It’s now out, here]. Since the inception of my company, WAO has stood for Web Analytics & Optimization, and the three letters were supposed to be pronounced wow! I say “were” because most people don’t get it. Ah! Branding! Branding! Next time I’ll conduct a focus group!

I believe that analytics should make you go “wow!” at least once in a while. Web Analytics per se have made a lot of promises in the last decade; unfortunately, we are still waiting for many of them to materialize. However, I strongly think we can be optimistic. The shortcomings are now acknowledge by more and more people in the field. Interestingly enough, I am seeing these days several other measurement specialists moving away, as myself, from the “Web Analytics” label, and call what they do “online measurement”, “digital Marketing analytics”, “online marketing optimization”, etc. Well, to be honest, we all had a hint already a few years ago when Jim Sterne rechristened his eMetrics, and called it “Marketing Optimization Summit” (still, most people still call it eMetrics. Branding, branding!).

So, in order to sustain this slow migration towards more valuable online analytics, I decided to publish a newsletter that will address the fundamentals of Online Marketing, always through the lenses of analytics. This will be the opportunity for me to write longer, more researched articles than what I have published on this blog for the last few years. A newsletter is also a fantastic chanceĀ to stick to a publishing schedule!

Above all, the best opportunity will be to have amazing contributors. First, there will be contributions from members of WAO/MARKETING’s network of experts; all independent top notch consultants we have the great pleasure to work with. And second, each month we will have a guest writer I select base on personal admiration, and fascination for what they do. I already have secured the contribution of several amazing people for the coming months. I really look forward to announcing who they are.

So, what is it going to happen with this blog? Well, I’ll continue to sporadically publish it, of course! However, I want to reserve the blog as day-to-day comments on what is going on on the online analytics scene. Anyway, there are now so many other blogs where you can read everything about Web Analytics, and get great insights. Those, you will get from me in the newsletter.

Finally, my main goal with this project is to offer content that will be first and foremost interesting to Marketing Managers and Executives. That is a tall order; fortunately, I know better than believing I can accomplish that all by myself!

Now, a last call to action: subscribe!!

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