Time To Promote Myself, And A Few Others

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If you happen to be in the Napa Valley on September 20 an 21, heck! why don’t you just make the trip, and come to the first XChange Web Analytics event, organized by the ever gentleman Gary Angel and his team. This will consist of little workshops (Huddles, they call them), grouping 10 to 12 people each, where we will discuss and exchange on very concrete Web Analytics problems.

Here are the topics I suggested I could lead:

  • Determining KPIs without a consultant – Determining KPIs is obviously a very important step. However, it does not have to be a painful process. We will review a few tips about how to conduct it. You will learn how to ask the right questions, how to determine whether a metric is truly a KPI or not, and how to get consensus. Based on many projects with companies from different industries, I will show you how to conduct your own KPI workshop.
  • Campaign Analysis Conversion is not the only criteria to analyze campaign effectiveness. Learn to use the cost/revenue analysis to determine your own benchmarks with which to evaluate campaign effectiveness.
  • Visitors vs Buyers: are they the same people? Are your visitors the same people as your buyers? A review of how attitudinal analysis can complete the portrait. Learn WHO your visitors are, what brought them to your site, and why they didn’t do what you expected. Learn to understand whether you are attracting the right people based on who converts, and who does not.
  • Page Analysis: you already know what’s wrong Testing is really something great, but learn that there is a lot you can do without resorting to multivariate testing right away. Learn to identify pages that are throwing visitors away, and what you can do when applying your own marketing common sense to improve the situation.

I don’t know which two I will do; Gary wants registrants to choose from a long list of very fascinating topics. So, I guess you will have to come to know which ones will be finally chosen. If you think I am not worth the trip, which I can’t hold against you, you should know that top people in our field will be there, such as Gary Angel himself, Manoj Jasra, Marshall Sponder, Jimmy Hampton, Paul Legutko, Paul J. Bruemmer, and a keynote by our esteemed Eric T. Peterson.

Now you want to make the trip, don’t you?!

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