Tweets Are Not Songs

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All I have today is one question:

Have you experienced tremendous returns from your efforts on Twitter as a company?

After years of using it, and observing our clients at KWANTYX using it, we are currently all concluding that the platform is a lousy Marketing tool. Despite having thousands upon thousands of followers, links are usually clicked by 3 or 4 people. That’s it!

Sure, you will probably say that it is a cumulative effort, that no one tweet should be expected to yield much. OK. But overall, from the data we have observed, Twitter seems to be very inefficient, except for being a glorified customer support solution.

I am sure our (and our clients’) experience is far from being the best example. That is why I am asking you today to tell me about how great Twitter has been to your business in the comment section.

I really look forward to reading your positive testimony. Really.

One response to “Tweets Are Not Songs

  1. The success stories I can think of are about reaching a “critical hundred”, where making few but strong connections have helped the businesses/individuals considerably. I can think of RJ Metrics and Product Hunt. Other startups have good showing, like Slack (see their Twitter hall of fame and how they used it for product developpement) and Buffer.

    The critical few might be about getting a VC’s attention, showing the company culture which leads to quality hire, etc. But those are qualitative.

    Denny’s Breakfast probably had good returns (and if they do, it’s because they don’t care about clicks!)

    For the vast majority, I agree the return is not there. Especially in Qc where adoption is low.

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