Webtrends EMEA Engage10, London October 19 – 20

On from Analytics Culture, Web Analytics

Just a few words to let you know that I will be presenting at the upcoming Webtrends Engage10 in London, October 19 – 20. First, I will participate in a panel about segmentation, lead by Casey Carey, Webtrends VP Product. I will be happy to see Andy Holmes of Renault UK again (with whom I was on the same panel in New Orleans in February), Joe Santhrope of Forrester, Vinesh Chauhan of Barclaycard, and Chris Moon from Visit London. In the afternoon, I’ll be giving my own session on Web Analytics Communications, i.e. how better communicate analytics insights to higher management, so that to be more relevant to the business.

I know I have several readers in Europe, so if you plan to attend the event, make sure you come say hello.

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