What A Shameless Plug!

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Shame on me! I have decided to plug here another project of mine: The Big Integration. It is a Forum and a Blog dedicated to putting web analytics together with enterprise systems. I am trying to gather people who have experience in integrating and analyzing Web data with other customer databases. I have contacted several of the companies you will see in the Forum, and asked them if they wanted to publish some information, but only SPSS has nicely contributed so far.

So, if you have any experience with the solutions in the Forum, please, let us know. And don’t hesitate to let me know if some stuff is missing. You will need to register to post (and I will have to approve the membership, but I am trying to get it to let new members post immediately).

Finally, this project has no intent to “compete” with the Yahoo Forum. It is a place of discussion and debate about a very focused topic: data integration. Hopefully, you will find it of interest.

2 responses to “What A Shameless Plug!

  1. I see The Big Integration as the perfect place to ask product specific questions (as an alternative to asking your vendor). I think the managers of the Yahoo! Forum would prefer to keep it “product agnostic”.

    BTW, it’s not a plug when it can help the community! You’re not only doing it for you, you do it for others 🙂

  2. Thanks Stéphane. I would like the Forum to help discuss those very specific questions of web data and other customer data integration, and not only products.

    I am actually starting to think that Web Analytics, as a specifiec field, might not even exist in 5 years time. Ouch! Did I just say that??? OK, it’s out there now; I’ve come out of the closet!

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