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On from Analytics Culture

Life is full of coincidences. One just happened yesterday. In case you don’t know, I have a lot of admiration for Jim Novo’s work. So, yesterday I happened to read his “About the Blog”, and there it was, a long statement about analytics culture, and how it should (and going to) change businesses. The whole intention behind this very blog!! 

I mean, it was not even a post! Who reads blog abouts?!

I think Jim is onto something: a new way of seeing marketing, of organizing a business. His piece is a big one, and it is fascinating to try to fit it with contributions like Gary Angel’s Finding a Home for Web Measurement, and Eric Peterson’s work on Engagement and the Business Process of Web Analytics in particular.

You will excuse the fact that one of my very first posts is not even one, but an invitation to go somewhere else. Jim has been kind enough to “post” his About, so that interested people can comment. I know I will.

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