Will You Be One of The Happy Few? X Change 2009

On from Events, Web Analytics

In the variety of conferences and events one must choose from, especially in these times, one definitely stands out if you are involved in Web Analytics, and data-driven interactive Marketing : X Change. The San Francisco conference is an amazing gathering of very smart people (yours truly excluded) getting together in small groups (10 – 15) to talk about advanced topics. Most sessions, or Huddles as they’re called, are over an hour and a half long, which means discussions get deep. One of the very interesting aspects of that conference is that I always come back with more questions than answers. As an analyst and consultant, learning to ask deeper, more focused questions is crucial to the quality of my work.

Organized by Semphonic (Gary Angel) and Web Analytics Demystified (Eric T. Peterson), X Change gives me an incredible yearly opportunity to get challenged, to see things differently, and to debate/validate my ideas. Add to all that that the organization is impeccable, and the event held in great venues : St. Regis San Francisco this year. It will happen on September 9 – 11.

The only “problem”? Well, only about 100 people can register. Yep, attendance is limited, which assures you can connect with most people, and the huddles are kept small. The organizers also insist on making it a “free pitch environment” like the hotel is non-smoking. Actually, the Huddles are led by Web Analytics managers at large companies; no vendor, no consultants. Well, we’re not a bad bunch, but I don’t mind not being in front; having the chance to participate is rewarding enough!

So, you’d better make the decision, or get approval, soon!

For more details, see Gary Angel’s blog, who introduces the amazing keynote will have from the WA “Founding Fathers”.

Registration is here.

See you there.

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