XChange Europe – Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

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At the end of the month, I will have the pleasure (I already know I’ll love it) to attend the first European edition of X Change in Berlin. Those few who have been reading this blog for the last few years know how much I love that conference which I have attended every year since 2007 (except in 2009 when I had to go to Paris to launch my book).

First, X Change follow the paths not taken; it is the only conference where participants do all the talking. “Wait! You mean we have to present?!”. Nope. Nobody does. During 90-minute sessions, we gather in small groups to discuss in details fundamental questions in Digital Analytics. There’s a leader, who is in fact a person in charge of making sure the conversation goes smoothly, but 99% of the conversation comes from peers sharing their thoughts. Every year, I come back from X Change with more questions than answers. Those questions feed me for a whole year. And if you make a living anywhere near analytics, you know questions have way more value than answers. A question can never be wrong…

Seriously, if you are an Online Manager, CMO, VP Digital Marketing, or work in an analytics-related position, and live in beautiful Europe, you should, yes should, come to X Change in Berlin May 29-31.

Register here

P.S. Oh, and I will also be attending the 6th edition in Los Angeles this year. You bet I will!

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