Digital Analytics – Full Release

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Digital Analytics finally got out of beta. I would say that it is now, no doubt, in full-release mode. Thirteen years ago, when I started consulting in Web Analytics (what it was called then), I would spend half my time telling organizations that data was created from all that activity on their Web sites. Most … Continued

Tweets Are Not Songs

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All I have today is one question: Have you experienced tremendous returns from your efforts on Twitter as a company? After years of using it, and observing our clients at KWANTYX using it, we are currently all concluding that the platform is a lousy Marketing tool. Despite having thousands upon thousands of followers, links are … Continued

Tech Support Marketing

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Marketing is all about acquiring customers, and up/cross-selling them once they’re onboard. What if there was a lot of value that could be added just by keeping them? This is not a new idea, but I would like to bring your attention to an area of growth that is rarely discussed in Marketing: Tech Support. … Continued

About Some Digital Analytics Presentations

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Recently, I decided to make available some of my presentations about various Digital Analytics questions. I spend a LOT of time thinking and writing about analytics in order to improve myself as a consultant, and making you profit from those efforts along the way! My pleasure. You should download the presentation(s) you are interested in, … Continued

Of Analytics Governance – V

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(First published in the WAO/FACTOR newsletter in June 2013) Results Sharing Governance – I will not surprise you if I say that without efficient result sharing strategies and processes, all your efforts in analytics will be for naught. Strangely, this is one area of Analytics Governance where I see many, many organizations doing a lousy job. … Continued