Being Grilled by Unica

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Just a short post to let you know that Unica published today my answers to three tough questions that had for me. I had a discussion this morning with a group of bright people in Web Analytics about the future of the industry in light of the vendors being bought, how to communicate better WA … Continued

Practitioner Web Analytics – Spain

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I was supposed to write this post loooong ago about PWA 2010 that was held in Madrid last May, and I must here apologize to my friends Jaume Clotet, Andrés Flores, and Luz Valdés. However, I think this is still a good time, because it means we are getting closer to the next edition and … Continued

Email or Twitter?

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Yesterday, end of day, I had the idea of lauching a little quizz on Twitter. I asked my followers (well, I know not all 1,230 of them were there, but that’s for later in the post) the following: Quizz: 9 AM Monday. U have 10k newsletter subs, 10k Twt Followers. Need maximum reach by noon. … Continued

My Week At the TDWI Conference (2008) – III

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Third instalment of my series about TDWI World Conference I attended in Chicago in 2008, coming from my other blog, The Big Integration, which I will close soon because you never read it. Funny, what I saw and learned during that week is now so hype in Web Analytics! OK, now I’m beginning to understand why people … Continued

Oh! You Old Fart!

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I’m turning 47 next week. I used to laugh (in my head of course) at my parents and grand-parents when they told me they felt so much younger than their age. Yeah right! Well they were… right I mean. I’m still 16 between the ears. You start noticing you’re getting old through little details: your hands … Continued

In the Flesh

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I don’t know everything I’ll be doing in 2010 yet, but my participation to two events is already confirmed. First, I’ll be on a panel with Gary Angel, Jim Novo, and Kevin Hillstrom, big guns of Digital Marketing Analytics, at WebTrends Engage10 in New Orleans, February 1 – 4. Judging from the speaker line up, … Continued

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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Some things in Life make us go “Holy Crap!” the first time we encounter them: The Pacer, the fax machine, the Mac, the Web, the iPhone, David Blaine, my wife, the Matrix. After some time, they become normal and cease to awe us (except David Blaine). Our world now changes so fast, that what wowed … Continued