Now Webtrends Sees It

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With today’s launch of v9, webtrends totally revisited how it presents analysis results. First, I must say that I was never a fan of how the company used data visualization. Through all the versions over the years, I thought that their use of graphs was always the same, i.e. useless (oh! those pie charts!). If … Continued

Look Who’s Talking Maturity!

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Well, my good friends at webtrends we’ll forgive me my implying they’re a bunch of old farts, with their 15 years in the market now. No, they’re of course not; I’m writing this post to react to their Digital Marketing Maturity Model, which they made public today (in beta, which is surprising for a model, since it’s not … Continued

Birth of A Web Site – II

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This is the second instalment of this series about the analysis of since the day of its launched. If you missed the first one, well, look down on this page! or find it here. For this post, I will examine in more details what’s going on with the organic search engine traffic, keyphrases, etc, … Continued

Birth of A Web Site – I

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As a Web Analyst, one does not always have the chance to analyze and follow a Web site right from its first day online. I have had that chance in the last 3 months, following the evolution of my wife’s site (in French). You’re lucky too; my wife has given me permission to expose … Continued

While Circling Around the Sun – II

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Even though I am crazily busy these days delivering and preparing a lot of stuff, I have to take a few minutes to first thank all 340 of you who have kept following me in 2008. I know I probably don’t deserve that much of your time and attention, since I wasn’t always diligent with … Continued

The Magic Box

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Am I too stubborn? Recently I had lunch with a client and another consultant who’s there to help him choose a new Internet agency. Most probably, that agency will be the digital arm (or sub-contractor) of a traditional advertising one. The conversation focused for a while on my role, and what type of guidelines would … Continued

Google is The New Browser

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I was recently on an interesting case, analyzing the behavioral data from one of my client’s Web site. Here goes: This company operates in a geographically delimited market, with a very unique product. We know from research that the client enjoys a 96% brand awareness. Needles to say that their clients, and their prospects too, … Continued

Ah! Heck! Why Would You Care Anyway?

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Aren’t you bored with all those blogs (now over 70), including this one, and those PDFs, and those books telling you how to do Web Analytics, and how full of insight it is? No? Yes? Well, I am. When was the last time you got some true amazing insight from analyzing your Web data? Better … Continued