About Some Digital Analytics Presentations

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Recently, I decided to make available some of my presentations about various Digital Analytics questions. I spend a LOT of time thinking and writing about analytics in order to improve myself as a consultant, and making you profit from those efforts along the way! My pleasure. You should download the presentation(s) you are interested in, … Continued

The WAO/FACTOR – A Newsletter

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This coming September, I will launch a newsletter called The WAO/FACTOR [It’s now out, here]. Since the inception of my company, WAO has stood for Web Analytics & Optimization, and the three letters were supposed to be pronounced wow! I say “were” because most people don’t get it. Ah! Branding! Branding! Next time I’ll conduct … Continued

Being Grilled by Unica

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Just a short post to let you know that Unica published today my answers to three tough questions that had for me. I had a discussion this morning with a group of bright people in Web Analytics about the future of the industry in light of the vendors being bought, how to communicate better WA … Continued