Being Grilled by Unica

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Just a short post to let you know that Unica published today my answers to three tough questions that had for me. I had a discussion this morning with a group of bright people in Web Analytics about the future of the industry in light of the vendors being bought, how to communicate better WA … Continued

Practitioner Web Analytics – Spain

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I was supposed to write this post loooong ago about PWA 2010 that was held in Madrid last May, and I must here apologize to my friends Jaume Clotet, Andrés Flores, and Luz Valdés. However, I think this is still a good time, because it means we are getting closer to the next edition and … Continued

Email or Twitter?

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Yesterday, end of day, I had the idea of lauching a little quizz on Twitter. I asked my followers (well, I know not all 1,230 of them were there, but that’s for later in the post) the following: Quizz: 9 AM Monday. U have 10k newsletter subs, 10k Twt Followers. Need maximum reach by noon. … Continued

IBM Buys Unica

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Decidedly, this is a busy week in the Web Analytics sphere. I just saw (8:00 AM ET) that IBM announced it was to buy Unica (wonder if the latter will still want the blog post I was finishing for them). I haven’t read anything besides the press release, but this comes to a surprise to … Continued

Webtrends Acquires Transpond

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Webtrends just announced today that it had acquired social media application development solution Transpond for an undisclosed amount. See press release here. Well, I certainly don’t really care about how much it cost; I just guess all involved parties paid and received something to their satisfaction. We certainly care more, as Web analysts and marketers, … Continued