My Week At the TDWI Conference (2008) – V

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That day was a particularly enlighting one for me. It was my first true exposure to hard core data cleansing. Boy! That scrape the eyelids off my face! Fifth instalment of the Big Integration series about the TDWI World Conference back in 2008. The sixth and last one to be published later this week. I … Continued

My Week At the TDWI Conference (2008) – III

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Third instalment of my series about TDWI World Conference I attended in Chicago in 2008, coming from my other blog, The Big Integration, which I will close soon because you never read it. Funny, what I saw and learned during that week is now so hype in Web Analytics! OK, now I’m beginning to understand why people … Continued

My Week At the TDWI Conference (2008) – II

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Now, the summary of the second day of a week that changed many things in my professional life. Today was HandsOn-Business Analytics with the very interesting Michael L. Gonzales. Michael walked us through some high level topics in today’s BI: the promise of BI, the BI gap, filling the BI gap, dashboards and scorecards, advanced visualization, … Continued

My Week At the TDWI Conference (2008) – I

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I continue my series of republished The Big Integration blog posts. As I said previously, I will close that blog soon, and want to keep some of those posts available for Google, and of course for you dear readers. I was going over my daily comments when I spent a week in Chicago at the … Continued

Big Election Day in Web Analytics Citizenship

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If I’m not mistaken, the vote is today for some of the Director seats at the WAA (Web Analytics Association). It is obviously an important day for us members. As for me, I will certainly cast my vote to Nicolas Babin, for the non-North-American seat. Nicolas is not only a client, but a friend first, … Continued

Goodbye The Big Integration

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For reasons only my wife and my psycho-analyst know, I will be closing soon one of my blogs, The Big Integration. Let’s face it: I haven’t published there for a year, can barely maintain this blog and its French counterpart, and the topic was quite arcane, not attracting many people. However, I believe some of … Continued

Emetrics Toronto

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Since time flies by so quickly, as the song says, Emetrics Toronto will be here soon. I guess I should say that if you’re Canadian and interested in digital Marketing optimization, you should absolutely attend. Heck even if you’re not Canadian! So, you register here. And know what? You use this code and you’ll get … Continued

Oh! You Old Fart!

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I’m turning 47 next week. I used to laugh (in my head of course) at my parents and grand-parents when they told me they felt so much younger than their age. Yeah right! Well they were… right I mean. I’m still 16 between the ears. You start noticing you’re getting old through little details: your hands … Continued

Interview With Jennifer Wilson – Senior Product Manager Webtrends

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This week, I have the pleasure to present an email interview I conducted with Jennifer Wilson, Senior Product Manager at Webtrends. Jennifer takes care of the Marketing Warehouse, Visitor Intelligence, and Score suite of products. Marketing Warehouse is at the heart of the suite, and is a relational database. This allows for connection with other … Continued

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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Some things in Life make us go “Holy Crap!” the first time we encounter them: The Pacer, the fax machine, the Mac, the Web, the iPhone, David Blaine, my wife, the Matrix. After some time, they become normal and cease to awe us (except David Blaine). Our world now changes so fast, that what wowed … Continued