Don’t Trust Analytics Vendors

I am French, therefore morose, and I like to wallow in bad news. But this state of mind may offer some genuine lucidity. Not my words but those of the New York Times. In brief, I am French, which gives me a good excuse to continually complain and ruin the atmosphere of the slight euphoria … Continuer

Value in Chains: Analytics without Tears or Fears

In the previous issue, I discussed some different optimization planes in Digital Analytics which can certainly be applied, at least in part, to Marketing Analytics in general. My point was to bring to the reader’s attention that there are more than one way, more than one dimension to squeeze a maximum of insight juice from, … Continuer

Building a Digital Analytics Organization

When I first started writing my new book “Building a Digital Analytics Organization” I did it because I knew there was a right way and wrong way to maximize the creation of economic value from using digital data, analytics, and research to help people make better decisions about planning, performance, and strategy.  And no one … Continuer

Beyond The Optimization Loop

Quite a lot of Digital Analytics, and plain Analytics for that matter, is about optimization. I mean by optimization the whole set of activities, with analytics and testing at their foundation, done in order to improve the ratio of X doing Y. The most typical manifestation of optimization in Digital Analytics is increasing conversion rates. … Continuer

Data Storyology

(This text was first published on the great blog Snarketing 2.0 on April 26th, 2013. Reproduced with permission ) It’s conventional wisdom by now that, with all the data we have to analyze, we have to find the “story.” Experts like Tufte have done wonders to improve our capabilities regarding data visualization and presentation — … Continuer

Of Governance – VI

Decision Making – Finally, I am now discussing the last part of my Analytics Governance model I started presenting in February. This is also the most complex, because it has been the object of very few articles, blog posts, book chapters, etc. Mainly, it deals with making sure people will actually use analytics results. Don’t … Continuer

The New Era of ‘Goldilocks Marketing’: Real-Time is Right-Time

Have you ever heard of ‘the Goldilocks principle’?  It’s the reason you’re breathing right now.  And, it could significantly impact your email marketing conversion rates. According to the Goldilocks principle, our distance from the sun, 92,960,000 miles to be exact, is just right for supporting life.  Any hotter or any colder and we’re either a … Continuer

Of Governance – V

Results Sharing Governance – I will not surprise you if I say that without efficient result sharing strategies and processes, all your efforts in analytics will be for naught. Strangely, this is one area of Analytics Governance where I see many, many organizations doing a lousy job. It is actually no wonder that the number … Continuer

Moving From Digital Marketing to Customer Intelligence

Way back in the mists of antiquity, when people first began buying and selling goods and services through online channels, a few entrepreneurs got together and realized that it was possible to capture valuable information about how those people behaved in this new, “online” channels. So web logs were born, and ever since then, we’ve … Continuer

Measurement is a Minefield

We have officially entered the era of “big data”.  Hal Varian, chief economist at Google, has gone so far to describe statistics as “sexy”.  That may be a stretch.  Still, the more easily we can gather data, and the more often it is used to make managerial and policy decisions, the more important statistics will … Continuer