If you are involved in performance measurement of any kind, you must read Transforming Performance Measurement, a really important book that was recommended to me by Jim Novo a couple of years ago. So, you can imagine my thrill to have the author himself, Dr. Dean R. Spitzer (bio here) as our guest writer this month. Dr. Spitzer has helped many organizations around the world with their measurment challenges, and saying is one top expert is an understatement! His article is an excellent summary of his main theses, developed in his book. I strongly believe it will convince the reader of the crucial importance of the problems he discusses to any organization aiming at developing a measurement culture.

In my article, I discuss the question of how we know what we know in Digital Analytics, or in any analytics endeavor for that matter. It seems to me that fifteen years of measuring what people do with our digital contents have not allowed us to crack the customer behavior code, and what we know for certain would probably hold on a single page.

Welcome to the 11th Issue

Welcome to number 11 of the newsletter. Happy to see the regular readers, and the many new ones since the last issue. This month I am quite honored that Dr. Dean Spitzer, author of the seminal work Transforming Performance Measurement, accepted to contribute, and shares his insights on how to transform the context, or environment … Continuer

Transforming the Context of Measurement

I have devoted my entire professional life to helping organizations improve their performance.  For years I consulted and wrote on organizational motivation, but found that no matter how powerful the rewards were, they were no better than the measurement system upon which they were based. About seven years ago, after years of study, I had … Continuer

Knowledge, Uncertainty, and Ideology in Digital Analytics

I know. The title of my article this month sounds very much academic. Don’t worry; it isn’t. Not that I do not have that kind of ambition. I have always been attracted by academia, but I most certainly do not pretend having the essential qualities for that life. No. Regardless of how « highbrowish » my title … Continuer