This month I am very excited to welcome Stacey Barr, Australia’s gift to the KPI world (bio here)! Stacey is an amazingly prolific writer on the subject. I wonder how she manages to write a weekly newsletter so rich in content! She is also a gifted teacher, in the sense that she has the scary talent of making very complex topics seem really simple. This is because, I believe, she has developed a very practical approach to KPIs, something only possible with years of experience, and deep mastery. When she suggested that she write about how to measure things that seem at first very hard to measure, I jumped on that great opportunity. I am sure you will find that her article offers tips you can apply to your work right away.

Welcome to Issue 12

Well, there’s a dozen now! Wow! Thank you for reading. It means a big whole lot. In this issue, I am pleased to welcome Stacey Barr, certainly one of the most prolific, relevant, and plain awesome writers about KPIs. I have been following Stacey’s work for over a year now, and she has been a … Continuer

How to Measure Those Seemingly Immeasurable Marketing Goals

Marketing might just be the most measured dimension of business performance. There is a herd of popular marketing metrics that dominates the landscape of marketing and sales plans. Just a small sample: Online advertising cost-per-click % leads from social media New website visitors Active subscribers Promo email open rate Promo email click-through rate Marketing cost … Continuer

The World is The New UI

It is said that Steve Jobs was particularly proud to have taken part in three revolutionary moments in how people interact with information: the mouse, the wheel (as the one you used on your first iPods), and the touch. I don’t know if this story is true, the pride part I mean, but he certainly … Continuer