Three articles this month, and interestingly, they all address the project management aspect of Marketing Analytics (nope, it wasn’t planned!). I am very happy to welcome Joseph Reach (bio here) whom I had the great pleasure to work with in early 2012. Joe was then at a big pharma in the US, applying years of experience to his superb project leadership. His article is a fascinating piece about how well analytics needs to be aligned for maximum decision-making efficiency. An absolute must-read.

I am also very happy to have Seby Kallarakal, founder and CEO of Nabler in India (bio here), a member of WAO/MARKETING network of experts. We have been working extensively with Nabler for the last two years. Seby offers a very interesting view of what it really means to outsource a function such as Marketing Analytics. You’re in for several “ah ha!” moments.

As for me, I candidly share a recent experience with a project that failed. It was a painful reminder that one should always, always cover the basics.

Does Your Digital Analytics Program “Come Through” For Decisions?

Focus on People & Process Keys to Better Decision-Making Ability What Analysts Want In the song “I.G.Y.”, Donald Fagan reflects on the heady optimism of the world in 1958.  He describes a technology-enriched future, where even making decisions is automated:  This dream’s in sight, you’ve got to admit it…the future looks bright… A just machine … Continuer

If You Don’t Want to Walk, I Can’t Make You Run

For the first time ever, I got fired by a client last year. Well, I am not naïve enough to think they were the first ones to be dissatisfied with my service, that other “former” clients were not happy with me either, but never before a client had told me to piss off. The thing … Continuer

Outsourcing Marketing Analytics

Analytics is increasingly becoming more and more important for marketing departments. There are more channels, more data points and more tools to deal with. As the complexity increases, organizations are looking at working with an external agency to deal with the analytics function. This article looks at some of the common scenarios where outsourcing happens, … Continuer