With this month’s issue, I am very happy to welcome Laurent Florès (bio here), founder and CEO of CRM Metrix, an internationally renown Marketing Measurement solutions providers. Laurent also holds a PhD in Marketing, and publishes regularly. Last year, he published a very important book,  “Mesurer l’efficacité du marketing digital” (Dunod), whose English translation is expected soon. Laurent offers a very interesting article about the difference between counting and measuring, and how Digital Marketing does not enough of the latter.

As for me, I continue the series I started last month on Analytics Governance, with an article discussing Data Governance.

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Of Governance – II

Data Governance – Everything starts here. Well, not exactly; everything starts at determining first what needs to be measured. However, we can all agree that, as the saying goes, if we let garbage get in we’ll only churn out garbage. This why how we collect and manipulate data will have such a fundamental impact on … Continuer