A great issue this month with a lot to read! I am very happy to welcome Alex Yoder, CEO of Webtrends (bio here), the Digital Analytics pioneer, who discusses how real-time data will have a strong impact on Marketers’ work. Webtrends is the first “vendor” I invited to contribute to this newsletter, because I thought that real-time analytics deserved our readers’ attention, whether you think it is useful to you or not. Alex offers several good points in favor of immediate availability of data.

I am also quite excited to welcome Blair Reeves from IBM (bio here), who volunteered an excellent article on the shift from Digital Marketing to Customer Intelligence now that all the data is digitized, and the databases can be connected.

By the way, if you would like to contribute an article to this newsletter, just contact me.

As for me, I continue my series on Analytics Governance with an article about what I call Result Sharing Governance, a very important, and often neglected aspect of the analytics function.

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The New Era of ‘Goldilocks Marketing’: Real-Time is Right-Time

Have you ever heard of ‘the Goldilocks principle’?  It’s the reason you’re breathing right now.  And, it could significantly impact your email marketing conversion rates. According to the Goldilocks principle, our distance from the sun, 92,960,000 miles to be exact, is just right for supporting life.  Any hotter or any colder and we’re either a … Continuer

Of Governance – V

Results Sharing Governance – I will not surprise you if I say that without efficient result sharing strategies and processes, all your efforts in analytics will be for naught. Strangely, this is one area of Analytics Governance where I see many, many organizations doing a lousy job. It is actually no wonder that the number … Continuer

Moving From Digital Marketing to Customer Intelligence

Way back in the mists of antiquity, when people first began buying and selling goods and services through online channels, a few entrepreneurs got together and realized that it was possible to capture valuable information about how those people behaved in this new, “online” channels. So web logs were born, and ever since then, we’ve … Continuer