Well, first off, I must apologize to the readers for our first major glitch. Our guest writer had to cancel his participation, and it was too late to find another one. So, this issue starts with my last installment in the Analytics Governance series I began in February. You will also notice that it comes very late this month. No real excuse here, except clients have been keeping me busy out of my wits.

This being said, I am very glad that Ron Shevlin (bio here), one of the first guest writers, gave me permission to republish a post on his blog I found particularly interesting when I first read it. Ron tackles, in a nice narrative, the question of telling stories with the data.

Data Storyology

(This text was first published on the great blog Snarketing 2.0 on April 26th, 2013. Reproduced with permission ) It’s conventional wisdom by now that, with all the data we have to analyze, we have to find the “story.” Experts like Tufte have done wonders to improve our capabilities regarding data visualization and presentation — … Continuer

Of Governance – VI

Decision Making – Finally, I am now discussing the last part of my Analytics Governance model I started presenting in February. This is also the most complex, because it has been the object of very few articles, blog posts, book chapters, etc. Mainly, it deals with making sure people will actually use analytics results. Don’t … Continuer