What an absolute pleasure for me to welcome Mathieu Llorens (bio here), CEO of AT Internet, as our guest writer this month! Mathieu is a brilliant man who happens to be a very nice person, too. He leads one of the top Digital Analytics solutions in the world, with clients in all continents (disclosure: AT is a client). Mathieu offers an excellent article about how much hype vendors don’t hesitate to use in order to push their products. And this coming from a vendor! Mathieu’s article belongs to the “sanity check” category, my favorite one. Make copies of it, and bring them to your next Marketing meeting!

As for me, I introduce the notion of analytics value chain mapping, and how useful it can be to your optimization endeavors.

Don’t Trust Analytics Vendors

I am French, therefore morose, and I like to wallow in bad news. But this state of mind may offer some genuine lucidity. Not my words but those of the New York Times. In brief, I am French, which gives me a good excuse to continually complain and ruin the atmosphere of the slight euphoria … Continuer

Value in Chains: Analytics without Tears or Fears

In the previous issue, I discussed some different optimization planes in Digital Analytics which can certainly be applied, at least in part, to Marketing Analytics in general. My point was to bring to the reader’s attention that there are more than one way, more than one dimension to squeeze a maximum of insight juice from, … Continuer