Anyone in Digital Analytics (which used to be called Web Analytics up to a month ago) who knows Gary Angel is well aware of his amazing contribution to our field (bio here). Recently, he received the Digital Analytics Association Award as the Industry’s Most Influential Contributor. On learning he had won, I thought that it was about time, because I have profound respect for Gary. I believe he is THE most important thinker today in Digital Analytics, not to mention how much that guy is modest, never playing the self-promotion card (to which I admit to succomb once in a while).

Just imagine then how honored I was when he accepted to be our guest writer this month. And, of course, his contribution is simply astonishing…

In my case, I propose an article about how analytics are definitely not about paying lip service to received ideas. We live in a time when so muc

Welcome to Number 6

This month we are crossing the half-a-year mark with this sixth issue. I have been amazed by how well the newsletter has been received, and several people have told me how much they appreciate the choice of topics, authors, and the general substance. It remains to be seen if we will be able to sustain … Continuer

Everything You Know About Digital Measurement Is Wrong

Dashboard Disinformation – Best-Practices it’s best NOT to follow Here’s a few simple, oft-repeated best-practices in digital measurement dashboarding that you may already know: Focus on a small set of site-wide actionable KPIs Measure your overall Site Satisfaction and compare it to your industry Trend your NetPromoter scores to track your efficiency in creating brand … Continuer

Is Jack Really All Work and No Play?

Critical thinking, the kind that looks at the obvious while still questioning it, certainly constitutes one of the most important attributes an analyst should possess and hone.  As much as curiosity stands at the pole position of analytical qualities, consistently forcing the mind to ask “Why?”, critical thinking helps us think “Wait!”, and ask ourselves … Continuer