With Kevin Hillstrom this month (read bio), I can say I have been very lucky to get my own little pantheon in Digital Analytics as guest writers. With Gary Angel, and Jim Novo, Kevin is one of the thinkers I respect the most. I am constantly in awe of the deep quality of his abundant production, a feat very hard to accomplish! Nothing is diluted in what Kavin writes, which makes the majority of us extremely jealous. Once a HIPPO himself, Kevin writes this month about how the relationship between analysts and executives is first and foremost one of trust. And if HIPPOs can often be obtuse, according to analysts, the latter can themselves be less than smart!

As for me, I tackle one more time a social media question, specifically looking at Klout. I know, this is turning into an obsession, but I can’t help it; there’s still so many things to understand, so much work to do, before we can all be sure they are worth their business salt…

Welcome to the 7th Issue

I don’t know if this issue will bring any luck to the newsletter’s fate, but I certainly feel lucky to have Kevin Hillstrom this month as our guest writer. Kevin is one of the best customer analytics experts around. He is an accomplished author, with several books on the market, who is sought after by … Continuer

Analysts Behaving Badly

When you read the comments of the analytics community on Twitter, you learn several important facts. There are many smart people who are not being properly recognized. There is a lot of innovation happening. Executives are frequently perceived in a negative manner. The most popular term is “HiPPO”, loosely defined as “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion”.  … Continuer

Can You Really Get More Klout?

I just recently read an article in WIRED about Klout that made me want to write more than a tweet about the index so many love, and so many despise. With social media being all the rage, one is not surprised that several companies would want to become THE reference that would help marketers figure … Continuer