For this first anniversary issue, I am really, really happy to have Jim Sterne (bio here) as one of our guest writers. Jim has embodied Web Analytics for more than a decade by first publishing Web Metrics in 2002, the first book I ever read on the topic (heck! the first book on the topic altogether), by launching the eMetrics Summit conference, and by founding with other visionaries, the Web Analytics Association, now the Digital Analytics Association.

I am also so very happy to have Jessica Hagy (bio here), one of the most clever, and witty minds I know, who has become world famous for her fantastic little charts. Jessica is an artist, not even a number person, but I have seen many more very insightful visualizations done by her than in many thick analytics reports! She offers us three great examples of her work she did especially for the WAO/FACTOR.

The First Anniversary Issue

This number 13 is the occasion to celebrate this newsletter first anniversary issue. Looking back at the past twelve issues, I am amazed at the variety of articles, and brilliant content from our guest writers. This issue is no exception. I was really honored when Jim Sterne kindly accepted my invitation to contribute a piece … Continued

What Excites Me About Marketing and Analytics

What excites me about marketing and analytics? Two things. Hooked on Learning The first is the same thing that excites a new born baby, a child at Disneyland, a new parent and anybody who has experienced the thrill of discovery – I love learning something new every day. The brain rewards comprehension with a squirt … Continued

Building Notre-Dame

I was recently in Paris for work, and meeting with my publisher was on my agenda. Eyrolles being on Saint-Germain Boulevard, I took the M4 metro line, which was quite direct from my hotel. Some technical trouble made me decide to get off at Châtelet, and do the rest of the trip on foot. Zigzagging … Continued