This is a crazy end of year at WAO/MARKETING, and publishing this issue of the WAO/FACTOR was not high on my list (you noticed the publishing date I am sure). But, hey, I was not going to be too late, especially since we have another great guest writer this month, Jim Lenskold (bio here), of the Marketing ROI: The Path to Camapign, Customer, and Corporate Profitability book fame. I read Jim’s book last year, and was very impressed with it. I thought he had the perfect profile for this newsletter. In his article, Jim gives us an excellent summary of his foundational ideas.

As for me, I offer some thoughts about how our tools can sometime limit our view of reality, blinding us through what they shed light on.

Welcome to Our 14th Issue

With the second year of this newsletter beginning, I am reflecting on the past one, and must admit that I am quite pleased by the collection of topics, and contributors we had. I am planning to keep going in the same direction, already aligning great guest writers for 2013. The reader will notice that the … Continued

Getting Beyond Tracking Metrics

The continued growth in digital marketing is providing much greater access to data capturing details on marketing-generated behaviors and engagement. With the addition of marketing automation, marketers can leverage this data in their campaign planning and reporting. But are metrics derived from this tracking data enough? In research published by Lenskold Group and the Pedowitz … Continued

Blinded by the Light

In this age of data everywhere, of analytics on every lip, of promises of insights on every tweet and blog post, there is no denying that Marketing analytics very heavily relies on technology. Maybe even too much, one could even say. Heck, it is after all a market, a very big one, supported by huge … Continued