It is with great pleasure that I welcome Jean-Paul Isson, VP Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics at Monster Worldwide inc (bio here). Jean-Paul is a sought-after conference speaker who has contributed tremendously to the field of Business Analytics with his new book Win With Advanced Business Analytics published by Wiley last fall. He has been a major part of building analytics at Monster where it now plays an essential role. In his article, Jean-Paul touches the very important question of the Voice of the Customer, which is too often neglected in a world still very focused on behavioral analyses.

As for me, I present to you the first installment of a 6-part series on Digital Analytics Governance.

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The Voice of the Customer & Big Data

Today’s globally-connected, competitive marketplace is propelled by the explosion of internet, digital information and social media. As a result, customers are more fickle than ever before. They are also more sophisticated, relying on comparative shopping and online forums to evaluate and discuss the quality of products and services – and their loyalties reside on a … Continued

Of Governance – I

Governance must be one of the least celebrated aspects of business. Talking about it makes people roll their eyes, and rarely anyone likes to be involved in governance projects. Why should they? Isn’t it governance talking about how business is conducted, and not just actually doing it? Why discuss about all that when there are … Continued