When I finished David H. Freedman’s book (bio here), WRONG: Why Experts Keep Failing Us,  I immediately thought I wanted him for the WAO/FACTOR. Dave’s book is simply an eye opener on expertise, its status, and especially how so much it often can go awry. As a consultant myself, I have always been obsessed with how I know what I know, how much what I tell my clients has any actual relationships with reality. In short, is what we experts say  true at all? Finishing WRONG, I got reminded that the first quality of anyone aspiring to any level of expertise should be… humility.

Expert Wrongness and the Streetlight Effect

As the measurement of marketing effectiveness has shifted from something of a black art to an increasing reliance on analytics, the field has opened itself up to some new and considerable risks of providing misleading guidance to marketers. These dangers stem not merely from problems unique to marketing analytics, but rather from booby traps that … Continued

Of Governance – III

Application Governance – This is quite certainly where most companies spend most their mental efforts, and, well, most their money! My personal theory is that it is so much easier to buy a piece of software than a strategy, buttons on which to click more than concepts, while thinking the software will magically take care … Continued