Yes, the May issue is awfully late. April and the beginning of May were amazingly hectic, both on the professional and personal sides of this editor’s life. My apologies to those who were wondering what was going on with their favorite newsletter!

For this issue, I am quite excited to welcome Charles Wheelan (bio here) as our guest writer. I discovered Charlie’s work after reading Stephen Few’s blog post about how much he respected Naked Statistics as one of the best books on the topic. Stephen was right; Naked Statistics is an amazing work anyone involved with numbers (i.e. almost everybody in business) should read. In his great article, which is a collection of little pieces about stats that are all connected, Pr. Wheelan demonstrates with superb clarity how reality is never what we think, and how badly measurement can go wrong.

Measurement is a Minefield

We have officially entered the era of “big data”.  Hal Varian, chief economist at Google, has gone so far to describe statistics as “sexy”.  That may be a stretch.  Still, the more easily we can gather data, and the more often it is used to make managerial and policy decisions, the more important statistics will … Continued

Of Governance – IV

Analysis Governance – By Analysis Governance I basically mean the framework within which analyses will be performed. In other words, of all the possible metrics we can collect data about, which ones should we focus on so that we know we are executing the digital strategy flawlessly? That’s right, KPIs, among other things. You just … Continued