I am absolutely thrilled to have Jim Novo, owner at The Drilling Down Project (bio here) as a guest writer this month. Jim is one of the very first people I read in Web Analytics. The older digital analysts among us will remember his “22 Metrics” he wrote with Bryan Eisenberg, if I remember correctly. Jim has a much broader scope of what we call Web Analytics, and is certainly someone very inspriring to anyone interested in customer analytics. His contribution this month is simply astonishing, offering a rare practical article on the question of intuition vs measrement in Marketing decision making.

Also in this issue, I offer an article on the concept of influencer, one that is at the core of Social Media Analytics, following my review of J. Lovett and M. Sponder books in the last issue.

Welcome to the Second Issue

Well, well, here is the second issue. From now on, we have to publish on a fixed schedule; this is where the real commitment begins. The first issue was well received, with David Jenkins article the most read. It is no surprise: David offered amazing insights on back end process optimization in e-commerce that are … Continued

Gut Feel versus Measurement in Marketing, Unpacked

Marketing decisions will always depend on some level of Gut Feel, an understanding of the audiences and the behaviors specific segments of the audiences tend to express. It follows any useful, actionable analysis of marketing data must involve a degree of Gut Feel. So I don’t quite understand any argument pitting these two ideas against each other, do you?

Social Media Influencer – State of a Concept

Following my review of two important books in Social Media analytics in the first issue, I wanted to take more time to discuss the concept of influencer, one idea that certainly is at the center of Social Media Marketing. Why? Well, simply because marketers believe they can reap benefits through influencing influencers. I also believe … Continued