I am very happy to welcome Ron Shevlin, Senior Analyst at Boston-MA based Aite Group (bio here), and blogger par excellence at Snarketing 2.0. Ron is an amazingly sharp analyst, and commentator of Marketing who has a very sensitive radar for, shall I say, BS! We have been social media buddies for some years (we retweet each other all the time), and I had the pleasure to meet him, and appreciate firsthand his sharp mind and deep understanding of Marketing. His contribution this month will definitely help you with your Digital Marketing development. Truly great read!

Also in this issue, I offer an attempt at understanding the impact of absolute Data on Marketing, and what all the fuss about Big Data will mean to marketers.

Welcome to the Third Issue

My, when I decided to launch this newsletter, I knew that once the first issue was out, I couldn’t neglect it the way I did my blogs. Those of you who are subscribers since the very beginning (err, two months ago!) have noticed that this issue is coming out a little late. Hello? Holidays anyone? … Continued

Interactive Marketing Maturity And Web Analytics

How good is your company at marketing online? Or, more broadly, at marketing through digital or interactive channels? As a Web Analyst, you track, analyze, and report on a host of metrics that help answer the questions of how well your company did online, and how well it may do in the future. But how … Continued

Archeology of the Digital Customer

It seems that we are entering the Age of Big Data. Just look at IBM, whose advertising keeps hammering the now huge importance of data in business, in fact, in all aspects of Life. Big Data, abundance of data, data overflow, tsunami, clutter; every other marketer already already complains s/he’s got too much of it … Continued