I am really excited to have Nicolas Babin (bio here) as our guest writer for this issue. Nicolas is a top-quality international executive with an amzing track record, and is, first and foremost to me, a dear friend. Nicolas is Managing Director of the GCMPromo Group, a leader in gamification, with headquarters in Bordeaux, France. It i still difficult to predict how gamification will evolve in the coming years, but who better than Nicolas to tell us what it is now.

As for me, I offer another article about Social Media analytics and Marketing. People who follow me here and there know that I am rather critical of the Social Media buzz. I think it often reaches a point where all critical thinking is evacuated, which is never good.

Welcome for the 5th time

Back to the two-article format this month. Well, to be honest, I don’t know if this will be the regular format, or if this newsletter will ever offer several articles in each issue. I am still trying to figure out what the WAO/FACTOR is. All I know is that I want you the readers to … Continued

Gamification Campaigns: New Tools for Online Marketers

The new trend in online marketing is gamification. What is gamification? It is the use of game mechanics for non-game applications/ businesses. The game mechanics we can use are varied and could be such as level structures, reward systems, competitive elements, virtual games… It is all about using game elements or mechanics to improve businesses … Continued

Social Dynamics in Social Media Marketing

Needless to say that the social media buzz is at an all-time high. It basically has taken over all discussions around Digital Marketing. As with so many other things online, measurement is now only slowly catching up, and an increasing number of applications come out every week that promise to make “Social Analytics” a reality … Continued